If you are an Actor, Model or Musician looking for Representation. Producers Eye is a great place for you. We are a platform that helps you connect with our selected partners who will look at your profile in detail. If they like what they see, you will get a direct message in your Producers Eye inbox! Make sure to fill out your profile to the highest of standards, including photos and videos.The better your profile, the more chance you have of find Representation, Career Opportunities and Networking with other talent in your industry.


Have a look at all of our talent who are motivated in breaking through their industry to the very top. Connect with them directly with just a few simple clicks and work with one another. To be able to have a profile, you will need to have an access code from a user that is already on the platform. This way not everyone will be able to sign up as we only want the most serious of performers on this exclusive network.


We really want to help all of our users of this platform to develop their skills. We have partnered up with different firms from all over the world that we are proud to be working alongside. You will have the chance to go to Acting Workshops, Vocal Coaching, Guitar School, Photography Classes and much more. You will be able to find a course that is suitable for you and no doubt you will be impressed.


We want to make sure our whole community can connect with each-other easily. Our forum is created for you to see top industry advice, for you to ask any questions and really connect with your fellow entertainers. We will be posting regularly about how you can develop your skills and will reply back almost instantly to any queries. We are a family on here and we will be supporting and helping one another to succeed.

“Connecting the entertainment industry together.” — PRODUCERS EYE